Below you will find various snow shoveling services that we offer through the winter.



  • Gates: We will clear the snow from the area that the gate fully swings. $69.00/hr with a $34.50 minimum charge.

  • All Other Shoveling Services (See below): $69.00/hr with a 1 hr minimum charge. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Our billable time starts when we exit our service vehicle and stops when we get back in our service vehicle. Please note that we do not provide estimates.


Our rates are per man hour. Normally, we only send one service employee, but depending on the job, you may see more than one service employee. Rest assured that our goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible. EXAMPLE: Let's say you set a cap on your billable service time of 2 hours. If we send two service employees and they are there for a total time of one hour, this would equal two (2) billable service hours.


Gates: We can clear the entire area that your gate swings so your gate can move freely. ~Request Service~


Pathway to gate: We can clear a pathway to your gate to make your backyard easily accessible.  ~Request Service~


Steps and Walkways: We can clear snow from steps and walkways. ~Request Service~

Decks: We can clear snow from decks. Having your deck available for winter BBQs is awesome!  ~Request Service~



PLEASE NOTE: We do not shovel driveway's. Hiring a plowing company for driveway's is a much more cost effective solution. We only provide the shoveling services that plowing companies prefer not to do.




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