P.S. I think he's sticking his tongue out at you! :-)



Felecia from Eagle River - WOW! I wanted to let you know I was very impressed with the awesome job you did with our back yard. Thanks so much!

Lynn from Anchorage - I have had an ongoing contract with this group for dog poop clean up and summer lawn maintenance for several years.  They are always responsive to any concerns and I have been highly pleased with their services.  In the summer it is excellent to come home to a freshly mowed lawn and the spring thaw cleanup that is included in my contract is excellent.


Weekly Maintenance Service's AND RATES


Let's face it you've got better things to do with your time!  :-)  Why not take your nastiest chore away for good?
Number of Dogs Rates for Basic Package Reduced Weekly Rate for
~Promotion #1~
Reduced Weekly Rate for
~Promotion #2~
1 $14.85/wk $13.43/wk $12.00/wk
2 $19.80/wk $18.34/wk $16.88/wk
3 $24.75/wk $22.94/wk $21.13/wk
4 $29.80/wk $27.53/wk $25.25/wk
5 + Please Call Please Call Please Call

*Twice weekly available in some locations. Please call 337-POOP!



***Promotional Weekly Packages (with a Free Spring Clean-up)***

Promotion #1:

- $30 Account Setup Fee

- Reduced Weekly Rate

- Initial Cleanup is free of charge!

- Free Spring Cleanup! (dog waste only)

- Requires a 12 month commitment, but is paid month-to-month (not prepaid).

Sign-up Now!


Promotion #2:

- Everything that comes with Promotion #1

- EXTRA Reduced Weekly Rate

- PLUS 13th month free!

- Free Spring Cleanup! (dog waste only)

- Prepayment of 12 months required with this package.

Sign-up Now!


Basic Weekly Packages


Basic Weekly Services Package #1:

- $30 Account Setup Fee

- Initial Cleanup: Standard weekly rate + $1.25/minute for any cleaning time over 30 minutes (All visible waste must be thoroughly cleaned during the initial cleanup).

- Flat Buried Poop Fee (learn more)

- Requires a 3 month commitment, but is paid month-to-month (not prepaid).

*Please note that this package does not include the reduced weekly rate.


Sign-up Now!


Basic Weekly Packages (Continued)
~Initial Clean-up and Buried Poop Fee (For Basic Weekly Packages)~

If you do not choose one of our "Free Spring Cleanup Promotions", there are two fee's required to start weekly services under our Basic Weekly Packages (during this time of year:

Initial Clean-up: The standard weekly rate (based on your number of dogs) applies + $1.25/minute for any cleaning time over 30 minutes (All visible waste must be thoroughly cleaned during the initial cleanup).  Remember, you can avoid this fee if you sign-up for one of our free spring cleanup promotions listed above.
Buried Poop Fee: This fee only applies if you have snow in your yard. As the snow melts it will uncover dog waste that we can't clean during your initial cleanup (because it's buried in snow), this fee covers the extra work that is involved with scooping the nasty wet poop as it gradually melts. You will NEVER see surprise overtime charges from us!  Remember, you can avoid this fee if you sign-up for one of our free spring cleanup promotions listed above.
1 Dog: $150.00 See our
 Free Spring
Clean-up Promotions
2 Dogs: $200.00
3 Dogs: $250.00
4 Dogs: $300.00
5 Dogs +: Please contact us





one time clean-up


Anchorage/Military Bases/Eagle River/Chugiak:

  • $82.20/hr with a $41.10 minimum charge. ($82.20 minimum charge during melting seasons)


Sign-up Online!

We do not require

 payment online!


PLEASE NOTE: Our billable time starts when we exit our service vehicle and stops when we get back in our service vehicle. Please note that you can tell us to clean until it's gone or set a cap on your billable service time (i.e Do not exceed two hours of billable service time). We do not provide estimates.


Our rates are per man hour. Normally, we only send one service employee, but due to the high demand during our busy seasons you may see more than one service employee. Rest assured that our goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible (since we have over 5000 customers that use our services). EXAMPLE: Let's say you set a cap on your billable service time of 2 hours. If we send two service employees and they are there for a total time of one hour, this would equal two (2) billable service hours. 



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gift certificates


Friends don't let friends scoop poop! :-)


Relieve a dog owner from their worst chore...POOP SCOOPING! (Your friend will love you forever! :-)


The minimum purchase is $82.20.   "Learn More"


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referral program


GET FREE SERVICE!!!  Click here to learn more...



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How do you bill your clients and how do I pay my bill?


Payment must be received prior to any services being rendered.


One Time Clean-up Services: "For one time clean-up services we only take credit cards over the phone." (No checks) Please note that we do not provide estimates.   However, we will accept "Do Not Exceed Request". (i.e. Please do not go over one hour of service time)


Weekly Services: It's important to note that "We do not charge our clients overtime!" You pay a set monthly fee regardless if your service visits take 5 minutes or 30 minutes. You will never receive surprise overtime charges from us. This is true even during the spring season when all those canine treasures start popping up everywhere.


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what area's do you provide services to?


  • Anchorage

  • Eagle River

  • Chugiak

  • Elmendorf / Fort Richardson

  • For the Mat-Su Valley please click here .



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Alaska Pet and Yard Services, L.L.C.