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Even though most communities have a "Clean-up after your pet policy",  many dog owners will not follow the policy. Controlling dog poop in communities is the number one topic of discussion at board meetings across the country, so your community is not alone. Dogs donít pick up after themselves, and sometimes owners donít either, and thatís where we come in.






Estimates can be done for for weekly and bi-weekly service commitments. We do not provide estimates for one time clean-up jobs. For one time clean-up jobs you can have us clean until all the waste is gone or set a cap on the billable time.

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one time clean-up



Anchorage / Elmendorf / Fort Rich / Eagle River / Chugiak: $69.00/hr with a $34.50 minimum charge. ($69.00 minimum charge during melting seasons or spring)


Wasilla/Palmer:  $84.00/hr with a $42.00 minimum charge. ($84.00 minimum charge during melting seasons and spring)


* You can have us clean-up until everything is gone or set a cap on the service time. 


** Please note that we do not provide estimates for one time clean-up jobs. - Thank you for your understanding.


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common area Maintenance Services

Alaska Pet & Yard Services, LLC can maintain an entire commercial property or service just a few problem areas. We can even include picking up general trash so your property always looks it's best! Solutions are surprisingly affordable. A targeted maintenance/cleaning agreement can cost $69 per month or even less. We can offer weekly, twice per week, and monthly service agreements. Your agreement would be tailored to your specific needs. Interested?  Contact Us

How do we structure agreements for weekly services?


Weekly maintenance agreements are itemized by the different zones in a property. For instance, "zones" could be a:

  • Children's play ground

  • Front yard common area

  • Right / left side yard common areas

We will give you a price for each zone. Structuring your service agreement on zones gives you the flexibility to decide which areas to focus on.

For example, you may decide to have the children's play ground cleaned twice per week , the front yard common area once per week and the right/left side yard common areas once every two weeks. 

Your customized rate is partly determined by the size of the area but the largest factor is how much dog traffic an area gets.

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Pet Waste station - (Maintenance)


Alaska Pet & Yard Services, LLC can maintain your pet waste station on a weekly basis. Rates start at


  • $20.00/week/station. 

On a weekly basis we would scoop a 30 ft radius around the pet waste station, remove the bag from the pet waste station and put in a new bag. If you require specific/special bags please note that this will need to be provided by your organization. We would typically double bag all waste and place it in your dumpster. There may be an extra charge if the dumpster and the pet waste station is not located in the same general vicinity. If you would like us to take the waste to the city dump there will be an additional fee.  If you hire us during the spring season there will be overtime charges for cleaning what is buried in the snow.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell or install pet waste stations. You can find several companies (via a simple Google search)  that sell pet waste stations online and any local general contractor can install them for you.


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