How does your guarantee work?


Guarantee? What guarantee?  (Just kidding!!! )

Our quality guarantee line is available 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week!  Please note that if you don’t let us know within 24 hrs, we cannot correct the problem.  

We strive for 100% satisfaction.  However, there are times that we miss poop due to fallen leaves, shade, shadows, bright sunshine, recent snow fall, etc. If you feel that you received poor service during any scheduled clean-up day please “do not” pick up the missed waste. Please allow our service employees to learn from their mistakes by giving them the opportunity to go back and correct the issue.

Picking up poop is not a career so please expect to utilize our quality guarantee line from time to time. We won’t promise that mistakes won’t happen, but we do promise to resolve issues when they arise!

If you feel that your yard was not serviced at all, please check your email to see if there is a delay in service. We use email to notify customers of a delay in service. Our service employees start their day as early as 6:30 AM and end their day as late as 6:30 PM.  

Situations where we cannot guarantee our work: 
  • Poop frozen to the ground or a deck.

  • Poop covered/hidden by snow. 

  • Poop is smeared.

  • Poop has broken down to tiny crumbles.

  • Grass is longer than a week worth of growth (our rates are based on maintained lawns).

  • Any natural growth areas.

  • Any areas where leaves have not been raked up.

  • Rock areas where our tools cannot adequately remove the poop (we do not pick up poop by hand). 

  • Underneath anything that our tools cannot reach under (we do not crawl to areas that has poop). 


“We view complaints as an opportunity so please call us when you have concerns and please leave a message if you receive voice mail!” - “Your business is very important to us!!!”


Lawn Mowing Policy: We ask that our customers mow their lawns once per week.  If the grass is not mowed on a weekly basis please note that we can not guarantee our work. If lawn maintenance services is needed please call us for rates. 337-POOP


Leaf Raking Policy: Please understand that fallen leaves must be raked up in order for us to find the waste. If your yard has leaves that have not been raked up since the fall season we can not guarantee our work. If you would like us to rake up your leaves please contact us. We can do so for a fee.  337-POOP


Snow Policy: On snow days we will follow up on your next scheduled service day.  (Simply because we won’t be able to find any poop.)  Please note that you will not receive a credit for that week.  However, all the poop that becomes buried in the snow will be picked up at no additional charge to you in the Spring. “We do not charge overtime!” Please note that if you discontinue your services before the end of spring you will not receive a credit.


To use our 24 hr guarantee policy, please click here.


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