How does your guarantee work?



Guarantee? What guarantee?  (Just kidding!!! )


We strive for 100% satisfaction.  However, there are times that we miss a pile or two due to fallen leaves, shade, shadows, bright sunshine, recent snow fall, etc. 


Sometimes poop smears in grass or rocks and we can not completely get it out. If you would like us to spray down any smeared areas with your hose please contact us to make arrangements since there will be an additional fee involved.


If you feel that you received poor service during any scheduled clean-up day please make sure to contact us "within 24 business hours".  Otherwise we can not correct the problem.  If you receive voice mail when you call please leave us a detailed message with your service address and we will send someone out the next day. Feel free to call after hours and leave a message. In most cases we can have a Service Technician dispatched the very next day.


High Turn Over: 


Since picking up poop is not a “career” please understand that our company has a high employee turn over. However, all employees authorize a background check prior to being hired.  Please note that if you are missed on your scheduled service day or service instructions are not followed correctly please understand that it is most likely due to a new employee learning the route. “However, please call our office so we can correct the problem.” Your feedback will be used to help the employee learn and allow our company to quickly correct the problem. Your feedback is always important to our company!!!


“We view our customer concerns as an opportunity so please call us when you have concerns and please leave a message if you receive voice mail!” - “Your business is very important to us!!!”


Did you not get serviced?


If you are one of our regular weekly customers, we will normally show up on your scheduled service day 80% of the time. Our service employees can start as early as 6:AM and work as late as 8:PM.

The majority of the year you can trust that we will be out on your scheduled service day. However, when we have problems in the field (i.e. truck problems, service employees get hurt, etc) and when the snow melts and reveals old dog waste, we get back logged and require a 3 business day window. If we get backlogged, you will receive an email from us to let you know. Business days are Monday through Friday. Our service employees can start as early as 6:AM and work as late as 8:PM.

If you have an aggressive dog(s) or require special arrangements that deems it necessary to service you on a specific day, please let us know so we can make notes on your account. Otherwise please ensure that your yard is accessible at all times.  Having your yard easily accessible allows us to service everyone quicker.

Snow Policy:


On snow days we will follow up on your next normal scheduled service day.  (Simply because that weeks poop is buried and we won’t be able to find anything.)  Click here for more info on our snow policy and what happens when buried waste becomes exposed.



Click here to contact us regarding your concern


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